Corporate Compliance


Spectre Services complies strictly with national laws and regulations, and with international agreements and treaties.

Spectre Services expects that all staff members and business partners will comply with rules and regulations. This applies both to the provision of services and also to national and especially to the international marketing of products. Spectre Services creates good relationships with appropriate authorities as well as political institutions, and consults them when there are open questions (example: consultation with national export authorities for clarification regarding exports to critical countries).


Bribery and corruption

Spectre Services tolerates no corruption, and rejects any type of behaviour whatsoever that is corrupt or which damages the group.

Spectre Services does not use assets for unauthorised or dubious purposes.

Spectre Services does not accept financial or other favours if the donor expects or is rewarded with an unjustified advantage as a result.

Spectre Services strictly forbids the payment of bribes, regardless of whether the recipient is a public office holder or an employee of a private customer.

The term bribery includes the direct or indirect offer and acceptance of gifts, loans, payments, rewards, or other benefits with the purpose of creating or awarding an advantage as part of our own business activities.


Information and security of information

Spectre Services undertakes to protect and treat confidentially the information entrusted by customers, business partners, staff members, or other stakeholders.

Spectre Services staff members are obliged to treat confidentially and – where stipulated – to keep secret the company's own and third-party trade and operational secrets which are entrusted to them as part of their activities, or which otherwise become known to them.

This applies particularly to information on technology and manufacturing, research, and development processes, and also to personal data.

Spectre Services undertakes to ensure an appropriate standard of quality for information processing. The handling of confidential information and of information technology devices is described in detail in further regulations.



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