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Spectre Services training and consultation services in manned and unmanned systems:



Training costs and deadlines can impact decisive implementation of resources needed to meet operational needs and requirements necessary to successfully achieve desired objectives. Whether those training needs are focused on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) basic and mission qualification, user defined training syllabus development, refresher training, or tactical employment skills based on SOF TTPs or focused on training manned ISR professional sensor operators, Spectre Services provides only the highest quality and most effective training in a timely, cost efficient manner.


Finding experienced, relevant subject matter experts poses a daunting challenge for many ISR based system develop, integration, and employment program managers. Heading off costly delays or developing inappropriate ISR systems for the mission requirements is a valid concern for all manned and unmanned ISR-based businesses particularly those competing for or supporting contracts.


Why use Spectre Services? We have proven experience with specialized ISR requirements development by providing a thorough approach to accurately capture the customer's true ISR needs. Our 20+ years of experience is essential to mitigating risk and reducing programmatic waste with savings realized in both time and system development funding of manned and unmanned ISR programs. Spectre Services offers a full spectrum of training and consulting services serving as subject matter experts on human machine interface, mission planning, ISR based software development, and ISR employment for monitoring, detection, identification, disaster recovery, search and rescue, and border security including sensor selection tailored to providing individualized ISR solutions.


Our team of SOF qualified and experienced instructors and courseware developers are dedicated to servicing the customer requirements critical for mission success.



Spectre Services provide consultation services in manned and unmanned aerial systems. We bring to our customers a deep understanding of the operational requirements of aerial systems, necessary to develop systems that meet the end users requirements. Our experience in developing systems, logistics and training courses reduces development time and ensures the end user receives the total systems required by the modern operator.


Our subject matter experts routinely develop industry leading training courseware and operation documentation to both military and commercial requirements. Some of the leading unmanned aerial system manufacturers have depended on our technical writers to develop their documentation.


When you need proven ISR experts for mission needs or to answer questions, look no further. Spectre-Service is your one stop solution in solving your ISR training and consulting needs!



Recent Additions

  • Oct 2013 - Our technical writers develop operation documentation for new SUAS.
  • Oct 2013 - Spectre Services receive contract for UAS development and testing.
  • Sep 2013 - Our technical writers complete full training documentation for new SUAS.


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